Work Natively in Mass Timber

We provide mass timber services that can take your project seamlessly from concept to installation. Our workflow is tailored specifically to mass timber projects.

At the heart of this is our integrated mass timber design service where structural designs and manufacturing models are developed in parallelresulting in a procurement process that plugs directly into the global mass timber supply chain.

This delivers more than just great design outcomes but supports accurate take-offs/costings, cradle-to-gate carbon accounting and a more streamlined workflow all the way to the CNC bed.

You can then better manage risks, reduce design costs and shorten programs.

Model of a mass timber warehouse with clt walls and glulam trusses

Integrated Mass Timber Design Service

  • Manufacturing model built in parallel with design process significantly reducing the design/detailing program.
  • Supports the procurement process with accurate timber volumes and take offs.
  • No double handling in model development – reducing total costs for the design/shop-detailing process.
  • Coordination managed through the design process leading to far fewer RFIs and design changes.
  • Seamlessly manage hybrid structures and interfaces between timber, steel and concrete.
Diagram of integrated mass timber design service.
Various mass timber projects and activities.

DfMA Delivery Ecosystem

Mass timber needs a whole new project delivery structure to ensure success. Tap into our internal resources that manage risk and design coordination, and take advantage of our position in the mass timber industry with direct connection to the global supply chain, associated distributers, world leading consultants and expert local contractors.

We provide more than design services. We can help provide you with the broader structures and expertise required to ensure the successful delivery of your mass timber program.

Strategic Support

Take a long term approach to embracing low-carbon mass timber. Dovetail your actions with an enterprise-wide approach to decarbonising the built environment and achieving ESG objectives.

We can support the development of a strategic approach to embracing mass timber covering financing, contracts, stakeholder engagement and procurement/delivery structures.

CLT being pressed in a manufacturing plant.
A basketball court made with glulam beams and columns.

Work With the System

Leverage off our developing suite of mass timber systems, pre-engineered to ensure the smooth coordination of fire, acoustic and HVAC requirements and tailored to suit the strengths of the world leading manufacturers.

This allows you to harness engineered timber construction out of the box managing both design and procurement risks.

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Further Resouces

The adoption of mass timber to de-carbonise built assets has a global community supporting it. Here are some further resources to assist with your mass timber journey.