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Mass Timber Creates Opportunities

“…developers that construct green buildings will have access to cheaper funding and green-only planning districts. Conversely, those that do not decarbonize will face an existential threat.”

‘Decarbonizing the built environment: Takeaways from COP26’ – McKinsey & Company 2022

A mass timber (CLT) panel inside a manufacturing warehouse
A site visit to a mass timber project with two workers

V-SET Harnesses Mass Timber

V-SET is Vistek’s specialist mass timber unit delivering a range of services to help organisations adopt low embodied carbon construction technologies. We support this journey from strategic planning through to project execution.

We navigate complexities such as supply chain, design/compliance risk and digital coordination allowing companies to truly unlock the potential that DfMA construction in mass timber provides.

The result of our mass timber services… sustainability delivered with lower risk, shorter programs, and greater returns.

Driving the de-carbonisation of our built assets.

“Mass timber offers the Australian market a fantastic opportunity to genuinely address the issue of embodied carbon in our built assets. Through pure mass timber and hybrid structures, low-embodied carbon construction can be commercially competitive with conventional building. V-SET was set up so that the market could grasp this opportunity and implement low-embodied carbon strategies at scale“.


Robbie Svars, V-SET

The Challenge

The Australian construction industry has not kept pace with the advancements in DfMA construction and as a result organisations are faced with a complex pathway to adopting mass timber technologies and thus meaningfully addressing the embodied carbon of their built assets.

Conventional contracts, project programs and procurement strategies poorly integrate with the delivery of mass timber projects. Digital design workflows are littered with information dead-ends creating delays and co-ordination risks. The existing project management and costing practices do not account for the specific requirements of working with mass timber.

V-SET helps entities address these issues by providing the broader ecosystem required to help make mass timber construction flourish in the Australian market.

The Tools

The Opportunities

For Corporate and Government Entities

A strategic approach to the decarbonisation of your built assets.

We help identify the opportunities in your organsiation’s capex pipeline and assist with systematically incorporating low-embodied construction into your wider ESG strategic objectives, whilst managing supply chain and project risks.

Take advantage of the full life-cycle benefits of mass timber such as reducing running costs, robust/durable structures, health and wellbeing for occupants.

Plan to future proof your assets or determine end-of-life repurposing of assets to engage in the circular economy.

Confidently embrace mass timber construction technologies.

Mass timber opens up financing options and new project possibilities but inexperienced entrants to this market historically have struggled on their first developments.

Leverage off our mass timber services. Embed our experience into your operations to deliver better designed and planned projects or turn to our expertise to support your investment strategy and project pipeline. We can help you bridge the gap to low embodied carbon construction technologies.

Build better performing assets, exploit mass timber’s speed of installation to turn over capital faster, and develop systems that reduces your exposure to project risks.

For Developers, Investors and Property Funds

For AEC Organisations

Build a direct pathway to the mass timber industry.

Moving to mass timber construction from conventional concrete/steel based projects is much more than simply a product substitution.

Bring to your projects a wealth of knowledge in regards to the design and management of mass timber projects coupled with the technical expertise to deliver DfMA design workflows that integrate natively with key mass timber suppliers.

Provide your clients and project backers the assurance that your team has the experience and technical capabilities to deliver projects so that you win more work, get more mass timber projects greenlighted and execute them more profitably.

Market Sectors

Our mass timber services support a wide range of building typologies.

Residential and Townhouses

  • Solid wall construction provides a level of robustness that is ideal for NDIS accommodation.
  • Excellent thermal performance results in far lower heating/cooling costs.
  • Exposed timber finishes promotes well being, ideal for private residencies or government supported housing.

Multi-Residential Apartments

  • Value goes into the asset, not into labour.
  • Lower risk, better quality and faster program to build.
  • High thermal performance means lower operating costs and therefore better NPV.
  • High tolerances deliver better finishes and faster fit-outs.
  • Ideal for Build-to-Rent projects.

Institutional and Commercial

  • Provide spaces that promote wellbeing in staff.
  • Mass timber’s thermal can help reduce running costs.
  • Owners/landlords can secure and retain high calibre tenants.
  • Tenants can let the physical workspace express their sustainability brand values.

Industrial, Warehousing and Big-Box Retail

  • Bring revenue generating assets to market faster.
  • Build high quality and high thermally performing structure to secure quality tenants.
  • Provide better internal environments for workers.
  • Create retail environments that promote wellbeing.

Hotels and Student Accommodation

  • Ideally suited to pure CLT structures with repetitive floor plans and relatively small spans.
  • Rapid installation speeds reduces project costs and brings revenue generating assets to market faster.
  • High thermal performance reduces running costs.
  • Embodied sustainability credentials aligns your assets with leading brands generating more corporate business.

Tall Buildings Hybrid Steel/Concrete

  • Exploit highly prefabricated systems to accelerate program and reduce risk.
  • Build above 25m with mass timber elements on a DTS pathway.
  • Potential for high-rise (40+ storey) commercial, mixed-use or residential structures.
  • Have a high impact on lowering embodied carbon in the built environment.

Who We Work With

An overview of some of the mass timber (CLT, Glulam and LVL) manufacturers and fabricators we collaborate with.

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